Home Is Where You Make It

The land of enchantment...New Mexico. A forgotten state in a quiet part of the country. This was where Shots of Yeager started, and where our story begins. Today's story though is about how we left all of that behind to start a new life, and how even the best laid plans can fail. 

We had a pretty solid moving plan since we had so many things to deal with. More specifically 3 cars, 4 animals, and 24 plants to move from Albuquerque, New Mexico up to Salem, Oregon (oh, plus all of our "normal" belongings, and camera/video equipment). The move was slated for early January 2016.

We started our plans in November, and it seemed like we just blinked and January was here. All of a sudden goodbyes became something real. The realization then sinks in about all of the great people you are about to leave behind. Anna and I not only met each other in New Mexico, but we established and built Shots of Yeager there as well. So as you shake hands, have your last beers and hit the dusty trail, all the dread of a new life starts to sink in.

We both had a lot of time to think on this three day cramped, animal-filled, stress-filled road trip. One thought that rattled around in my head was if this was the right choice. Was this the right choice for Shots of Yeager, for our personal lives, for our professional lives, for our animals' lives?? I doubt anyone can really know the answers to these questions. All we knew is that we would truly miss the people in New Mexico and we couldn't wait to continue our lingering projects back there.

One month after the move, two vehicle breakdowns, one back injury, and one vet visit later and most of the negative hurdles have been jumped. However, the questions still linger. I find myself missing the people, missing the projects, the brainstorming, the collaborations and the relationships we have built. I know we will be back in New Mexico soon, and we have some projects coming soon ;) but for now I find myself thumbing through facebook more and reminiscing a bit more than usual.

But, in between reminiscing I find myself hopeful. Researching new companies, new projects and new ideas. It's going to be a long road ahead for Shots of Yeager, but in our minds the hardest part is done. Now it is time to look forward and meet some new people to create (and hang out) with. Oregon is just a new adventure, and Shots of Yeager is proud to call it home.